What to do with a blocked drain?

It’s the dreaded plumbing problem… a blocked drain. So what to do when you find a blocked drain?

Lucky for you, blocked drains are one of the most common plumbing jobs Campbell Plumbing & Gasfitting get called to help with, and we will be able to help. Whether it’s bad smells or water not draining (or overflowing!), and you can’t easily fix the root of the problem, it’s likely time to get a plumber in. 

Common causes of a blocked drain

Most of our clients are pretty good at remembering not to flush any foreign objects down the toilet, but here’s your reminder to NEVER do that. Unfortunately it can be everyday use that leads to build up or a more pesky problem in your main drainage or sewage system. 


Buildup can easily happen through general use. One of the biggest problems we see in kitchen sinks is buildup of grease and fat from cooking. Not many people know this, but washing these things down the sink is very damaging to your homes pipes and sewage system and often leads to a blockage. 

Bathrooms are also a common culprit, with the amount of use they get it’s no wonder we see a buildup of soap and hair. They easily accumulate and cause blockages or slow running drains. It’s a good idea to install drain covers or guards to prevent excess hair going down the drain, saving you a lot of headaches. 


Sometimes you have to look outside for the problem too, root intrusion can be a niggly problem to deal with and it’s best you act early before it gets out of hand causing you cracked and leaking pipes. 


With the level of rain and wind we experience in winter, it is quite easy for debris to be swept or washed into drains, like leaves and twigs. Our best piece of advice is to keep your gutters and pipes clear of any debris to avoid this problem. 


And if you don’t know where the problem is, unblocking a drain starts with finding the issue. This is where our high-tech CCTV inspection comes in. Also known as a video drain inspection, we feed a camera down drains, pipelines, sewer or stormwater lines to see what the issue is – quite literally. Knowing what’s causing the blockage, and where, makes solving the problem easier, faster and cheaper.

For local Auckland CCTV drainage and report services, call to book a plumber or plumbing project quote – 0800226427

Auckland drainage services

Drain unblocking & repair

Have you got a blocked or broken drain? Our drain unblocking and repair team provide drain unblocking, replacement, and repair services across Auckland CentralWest AucklandNorwestNorth Shore Auckland, and South AucklandWe can provide 24/7 emergency, afterhours, and same day drain unblocking and repairs services. 

Sewage & waste drainage 

We can provide emergency, maintenance, and project sewage and waste drainage services. Our Certifying Plumbers and drainlayers will be able to repair or replace sewer and waste drainage. Call your local Auckland drainlayer for a free quote today – 0800226427

How much does waste drainage and sewage replacement cost? 

We won’t be able to provide exact pricing until we have viewed the job. View our drainage and sewage pricing guide here or ask for free quote.  

Need our help?

Campbell Plumbing and Gasfitting are Master Plumbers and Gasfitters servicing Auckland CentralWest AucklandNorwestNorth Shore Auckland, and South Auckland. We specialise in all thing’s plumbing, gasfitting, and drainage. Our projects team services small, medium, and large-scale construction projects. Whether it’s a plumbing upgrade, renovation plumbing, or a new home build plumber you need, we are your friendly, local plumbing service. Contact us for a free plumbing, gasfitting, or drainage quote. 

For emergency, maintenance, and small jobs, view our pricing guide or call our maintenance team for a call-out price indication – 0800 226 427 

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