Food Republic, Skycity Auckland | Commercial Plumbing Services

Food Republic is the main dining spot for Skycity’s casino customers. Campbell played a crucial role in creating plumbing and waste management systems to facilitate the operation of the large-scale commercial kitchen. The brief was to completely replace the original space with a newer and bigger dining experience. We worked closely with hydraulic consultants, designers, and engineers to develop effective plumbing systems to service the restaurant.   

Campbell were responsible for all the plumbing and gasfitting services on the job. We designed a greasy waste system to meet commercial kitchen requirements and connected gas and water supply’s. High quality finishes and attention to detail were important for us on this job to ensure the kitchen ran seamlessly to handle the predicted volume.   

On-site, our tradies delivered excellent service, completing the project sticking true to Campbell’s core values. Our guys did an expert job of carrying out this project, working with water, gas, and waste. The result was a thriving commercial fit out, creating a large commercial kitchen and stylish dining experience.   

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